Seder Table 

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Dear Friend,

The Passover Seder begins with the words, "All who are hungry come and eat; all in need come and join the Passover ritual."

We cannot start the Seder until these words are said. This invitation sets the tone for the entire holiday. As a community we carry this important responsibility and holy task. We must ensure that the material and spiritual needs of our dear brothers and sisters are always provided for.

Chabad of West Hempstead is dedicated to being there for all members of the greater West Hempstead community every day of the year. We accept all Jews regardless of their background or affiliation and we are committed to helping every Jew we can possibly reach materially as well as spiritually.

During these pre Pessach days Chabad is distributing Shmura Matza and Holiday necessities to needy people within the greater West Hempstead area. Making a donation of Maos Chitim (Pessach funds for the needy) is one of the most significant and appropriate Mitzvos one can observe in preparation for this monumental holiday.

As our top priority during the Pessach season remains to provide for the physical and material needs of those we reach, our efforts do not stop at that. At the Seder we read of four sons: the wise, the wicked, the simple and the son who does not know how to ask. The Lubavitcher Rebbe suggests that we must also remember the "fifth son" - the Jewish child who does not even show up for the Seder because of indifference, ignorance or assimilation. By donating to our Pessach fund you will also help us alleviate the "fifth son syndrome" Your donation will make a difference!

Pessach celebrates the birth of the Jews as a nation. It is during this holiday that we recognize we are not only individuals, families or even congregations. We are a community of people with diverse abilities, interests and needs. We are only complete and whole when we care for all people. G‑d created us this way to impress upon us this idea; we are two halves of a whole. What one lacks the other has. We are never complete and fulfilled without each other.

Share in the pride of knowing you helped touch the lives of others, whether it is physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Help us help others! Make your donation now here.


Rabbi Yossi Lieberman