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Presidents are chosen from each school, based on their commitment and dedication to the Friendship Circle.   

Their responsibilities include: 

 - Attending bi-monthly meetings to brainstorm ideas, plan programs, and provide volunteer feedback. 

- Act as liaisons between the FC Staff and the FC volunteers in their schools. They help to recruit new volunteers, to keep current volunteers informed about ongoing programs, and to ensure that each FC program has sufficient volunteers.

- Attend volunteer events on a regular basis.

- Volunteer at FC programs on a regular basis.

- Dream of new ideas to bring the Friendship Circle to the next level. The Presidents act as leaders for their fellow volunteers and show excitement and initiative.



Razel Bornstein

Atara Levinee

Talia Edelman


Elana Lefkowitz

Mathrew Rosenberg

Eliana Ellerton

Maddie Hamada


Malka Furman


Effie Klein


Rivki Kat

Har Torah

Rachel Rapoport


Yehuda Furman


Dana Bekore

Bnos Malka

Naomi Davidowitz