A monthly donation of any amount gets you into the club!


If you are still reading this you're my kind of person – A BELIEVER! Thanks for reading past that first line. It is not a joke, it is actually the fulfillment of a Talmudic adage, "each and every penny adds up to a large amount."

This is not a multi-level marketing scheme, it's just simple math. $18 is significant! Watch this: Ten people giving $18 per month is $180 per month. Over twelve months that is $2160. Now if we continue to add ten new donors @ $18 per month for 12 months the total monthly intake is now $2160 and the annual intake is $25,920!

(Just for fun, let's say five of the ten give $36 instead of $18. The total monthly (after 12 months of new donors) is now $3240 and the annual is $38,880. If we did this for three years the total monthly will be $9720 and annual will be $116,640.)

How do I know this can work? Because I have been doing it for some time now and the effort is currently generating a limited but steady income for our organization.

Thank G‑d, as Chabad has grown and our budget continues to grow, the funds we now raise are just not sufficient to cover the Chabad Hebrew School, The Shul @ Chabad, Youth programming, Mitzvah Clubs, Holiday Programs, Social Services, Adult Education, The Friendship Circle etc.

So, I am turning to you to join our Chai Club. Pick a dollar amount in multiples of CHAI – LIFE = $18 ($18, $36, $72, $150, $180, $1,800,000, etc.) and we will set you up on an automatic monthly charge. You can always increase it or decrease it at any point.

With blessing,

Rabbi Yossi Lieberman

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Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Sari Altmark

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery & Beth Baruch

Mr. & Mrs Avi & Helen Blazer

Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Rhonda Boley

Dr. Michael Ehrenhaus

Mr. & Mrs. William & Shani Ellerton

Mr. & Mrs. Perry & Iris Finkelman, Beth Finkelman, Emily Finkelman, Zachary Finkelman,  Daniel & Mara McCrossin, Finkelman family in loving memory of Sally & Michael Finkelman

Mr. & Mrs. Moshe & Miriam Fundo - In loving memory of Noelle Bat Sofia, Velvel Ben Sofia & Chaim Ben Shmuel 

Mr. & Mrs. Evan & Irene Gallahou - In loving memory of Murray Gallahou A"H Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Aida Gelbart

Ms. JoLynn Grill

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery & Sarah Haar

Mr. & Mrs. David & Michelle Klein

Mr. & Mrs. David & Eleanor Klein

Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Linda Koegel

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sharon Koppel 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Fredda Leblang

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi & Devorah Lifshitz

Mr. & Mrs. William & Sharon Lovy

Mr & Mrs. David & Rina Maryles and Family

Mr. & Mrs. Avi & Michele Masliansky

Mr. & Mrs. Neil & Paula Moldovan

Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Joni Nathanson

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell & Shana Nathanson and Family

Mr. Gary Peters

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Marina Rapoport and Family 

Dr. & Mrs. Steven & Shoshi Reichman

Mr. & Mrs. Stephan & Begum Rubinstein

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot & Rene Schonbrun

Mr. & Mrs. Marc & Esther Soskel

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy & Meryl Strauss

Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Denise Warsawsky

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce and Sharon Wenger

Yizhaky Family, in loving memory of Ivy's mother Marlene Joan Edelstein



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